Thursday 28 March 2013

John Blakemore

“To be alone in the landscape was a release, a return to the pleasures and pursuits of my childhood which had been lost to me”

        - John Blakemore (quote from’ ‘Photographs 1955-2010: John Blakemore’)

John Blakemore often retreats into a landscape when a tumultuous event has happened in his life. His first landscape work ‘Wounds of Trees’, was his first landscape work in which he developed his sense of using photography as a metaphor for communicating his feelings (the landscape work ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘All Flows’ continue exploring the landscape as a metaphor showing it as a form of energy, both as a constructive and destructive force).

from Wounds of Trees

In 1981, John Blakemore stopped working in the landscape as he felt that the land he was depicted in his photography was pristine and untouched, whereas the reality was that the land everywhere was being threatened, corrupted and despoiled by human interference.
from Englands Glory
Notes and images from: Photographs 1955-2010: John Blakemore