Saturday 16 February 2013

Landscapes as Escapism

For this thesis, I will be talking about how landscapes are used as a form of escapism from the Industrial Revolution through to the Digital Revolution.

On any living day, we seek to escape in any way that we can. Ranging from the smallest hobbies, to more elaborate and often expensive holidays. But why? Well, we seek to flee from our often monotonous and mundane routines and rituals. In some instances, an escape into a landscape is often in search of a deeper meaning, often life itself as well as looking for one’s true identity (‘Soul-Searching’, often Gap Years are used to travel, a chance to explore new horizons). Put simply, viewing a different landscape is the polar opposite of our everyday lives.


Notes from - Escape Attempts: The Theory and Practice of Resistance to Everyday Life (Stanley Cohen and Laurie Taylor)