Thursday 31 January 2013

Landscapes and Why?

It's hard to explain as to why someone likes being in the landscape, more often than not, it stems from a sense of escapism. 

From drawing up a simple mind map of the subject, ‘Landscapes’, it is possible to see the various rationales as to why people feel the need/urge to be in them.


·       The ability to escape from modern day life

·       Natural beauty

·       A lack of people

·       Back to nature

·       Variety of landscapes

·       The scenery in the landscapes varies (weather and year dependent) 

If we take the first one, ‘The ability to escape from modern life’, we are then thrown another question.

‘Why do people feel the need to escape modern day life?’

This would lead onto various factors as to why:

·       Romanticised idea of landscapes

·       Something to aspire for (work towards)

·       Back to nature

·       A place of relaxation

·       Emotional connection to a landscape

The last one, ‘Emotional connection to a landscape’, is delving more into the realms of psychology. Looking at/being in/taking pictures of landscapes are all capable of giving us emotional connections to an area. In the case of taking pictures of landscapes, this can often be quite cathartic as it enables the photographer to use the landscape to more vividly express themselves in a way that they could probably not have done before with ease.